O name, stream down in moonlight on the lotus heart.     Opening its cup to knowledge of thyself.
O self, drown deep in the waves of his bliss, Chanting his name continually, Tasting his nectar at every step, bathing in his name. That bath for weary souls.


(Vishnu rahasya)

satya yuge shata shata

yajne haryachana

kalite govinda name

se phala arjana


The result received in Satya yuga by meditation on Bhagavan, in treta yuga by worshiping Bhagavan through great sacrifices and in Dwarpara yuga by performing archana of Bhagavan according to proper rules, is obtained in kaliyuga simply by chanting nama abhasa a semblance of Sri Krishna's names.

 Shradha (by Srila Shridhar M.)


There is a world that is only approachable by shradha faith:shradhamayo yam loka.

Just as color is seen by the eyes and sound is perceived by the ear, that world can be perceived only by faith.

Faith is the real function of the soul and is awakened by the agents of the higher realms.

Sermons of the Guardians of Love


The message of the Bhagavatam is that beauty is above all, not knowledge or justice.

Mercy is above justice. Afection, Love, beauty, charm,harmony- these are above all, and this Absolute conception of the ultimate reality is in the Krishna conception.