Birth is our first step into this world.
Our first breath, our first touch...maybe our first cry.
A time when the tenderness and love  of the parents is express fully without bound.
Even though a baby seems to come in completely inocent with no story, he carries the impressions from previous life.
Now is when it all begins to unfold.
This is a pivotal point in life and as parents and as those who hold ceremony we can be of great support and make a big impact in someone´s life journey.
What I offer is to create a pure atmosphere, setting the tone for this child's auspicious walk in harmony, truth, strength and love.
Supporting that Divine connection that is still so fresh, to continue through out the thread of life.
I will be offering sacred chants and puja (sacred ritual) with the elements of nature, fire, sacred waters flowers...


Death is not much different than birth.
The only difference is that the portal is to the other side.
We are born with the seed of death....and life teaches us how to die through different experiences.
This is the time to let go fully.
In this society we don't have much relationship with death, we don't talk about it, honor it or celebrate it.
But it is a huge transitional point where we have to let go of everything we have known as our reality.
To be present for our loved ones in a sacred way in this transitional moment is the greatest gift we can offer to all involved.
What I offer is ancient chants and puja (sacred ceremony) bringing the elements of fire, sacred waters, flowers...
Supporting the last breath and greatest letting go in celebration.


Wedding is the time one unites in sacred circle with the person they choose to share the walk of life throughout beauty and adversity.
Bringing friends and family to invoke all auspiciousness to make this journey a way to discover love in its depth.
Love is the essence of our existence.
Creating a sacred container will support trust and openness for healthy evolution.
My offering can vary according to the desire of the couple, with chants and ceremony.