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Dear friends around the world,
This opportunity to share a bhakti immersion in such a beautiful healing place became available to me recently and wanted to share it with you. We all want healing, connection, beauty, a profound experience and to recharge from so much daily exhaustion.

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the Bhakti Yoga practices of devotion and sacred sound, and how these elements may be included in a personal practice or yoga class setting.
Bhakti Yoga- the yoga of devotion that unlocks the secret treasures of the heart.
Through the exploration of mantra, puja (ritual offerings) kirtan (call and response chanting) and meditation, this workshop is ideal for yoga teachers and practitioners looking to deeply study and practice Bhakti Yoga and learn why this powerful tradition of yoga is one of the most widespread in India.

As the modern yoga movement has largely focused on the body, breathing and meditation, this exploration of the devotional and sonic practices of yoga provides a beautiful addition to any study or practice. Through group practice, experimental learning, and discussion, this workshop will include:

- A thorough introduction to the Vaishnav lineage of Yoga, and the particular practices and teachers in this ancient tradition.

- An exploration of sacred sound through mantra recitation, and the group practice of Kirtan — the ecstatic call and response meditation of mantra and music combined. 

- Puja — how to create an altar, and the practice of making offerings of the elements (fire, flowers, fruit, incense, mantra, and prayer)

- The philosophical roots of the Vedas and how they intertwine with the Bhakti practices. 

- The intimate exploration of one’s own voice, and how this is the root of mantra and sacred sound vibration. 

- The learning of one mantra, including pronunciation, and how to include it in a yoga practice or class setting. 

- An introduction to Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound and Listening, and how it relates to mantra and Raga (the classical melodic forms of India). 

This workshop is for: 

-Yoga practitioners of all levels - beginners to advanced. 

- Yoga teachers from all lineages/traditions looking to deepen their own practice, and include the elements of Bhakti in their class offerings -- the Bhakti practices may serve to inform and amplify other practices of Yoga. 

- Those new to Yoga, or those looking to deepen their own meditative or philosophical study.

This wonderful experience will be at the beautiful resort of Monte Coxala with hot springs and healing surroundings.

Five days including the teachings, yoga, a private room, breakfast and a light dinner $ 1,200

Shared room. $ 1,000

Take advantage of cheap air fares.


For more info and booking please contact Prema Mayi at

upcoming tour dates

April 1, 2018 - Bhakti Yoga Shala - Los Angelas, CA

April 8, 2018 - Unitarian Church - Ashland, or

June 9-14, 2018 - Yin yoga TT2 and Bhakti, Patrick Broome Yoga Studio - Munich, Germany

June 16-17, 2018 -  Bhakti introduction & Kirtan, HOHM Street Yoga - Milan, Italy

June 23, 2018 - Storytelling and Bhakti, HOHM Street Yoga - Milan, Italy

June 24-29, 2018 - Storytelling and Bhakti, Antico Borgo - Tignano, Italy

July 1-6, 2018 - TT2 and Bhakti, Le Dojo La Piaz - Samoëns, France


September Europe tour

Dates and location to be announced

October 5-7, 2018 - Bhakti yoga immersion & vinyasa yoga, Mandali retreat Center - Quarna Sopra, Italy