I feel deeply grateful for my parents Subal Sakha and Mahamrita Devi who gave me a strong foundation of Love and deep connection to God.
To my brothers for always supporting mein my devotional aspirations.
To my sons Gaur Hari and Krishna Deva for sharing with me this life in devotion.
To my granddaughter Satya for bringing such powerful lessons in our lives
To my daughter-in-law Isha Devi for her love and dedication
To Eric Archer who inspires such beautiful tunes in my heart

To Hanna Winters for her beautiful inspiring violin playing

To David Bylsma for his gentle presence on cello
To Alice DiMicelli who cheered me on from the beginning of this creation
To Jateshwar das who poured his heart and devotion into creating this CD cover and for being fully in service on all levels.

To Steve Wolfson for supporting me for years with promotion and being available in so many ways.

To the artist of the original painting of the cover B.G.Sharma.
To all my dear friends who have crossed my path touching my heart
inspiring me and supporting me in so many ways in life. For believing
in me and making this CD possible.
To all of you listening to this offering, may your hearts be kissed by
these Divine names.

And most of all my deep gratitude to my spiritual masters Srila
Bhaktivedanta Narayan M. who rekindled my devotion and showed me the
way of Love. To Srila Prabhupada and all my acharyas who are always
supporting me on my sacred walk back home.


To the Holy names for descending to our material plane, purifying our existence, gracing us with entrance into the Divine realm of pure Love.


I feel so blessed to have developed a personal relationship with God and Goddess through Their Divine names.

Divine presence is instantly available simply by uttering Their names with humility and sincerity.